Equipment We Repair and Support

Equipment We Repair and Support

Service Advantages Using MedSystems Service Plans

MedSystems is a laboratory and medical equipment service company offering both On-Site Support Plans and Depot Repair. Our servises including sale of our equipment brands related reagents, consuables and spare parts. We also provide repairs and support for instruments that are semi-discontinued or no longer ‘cared-for’ by the original manufacturer.

Whether you purchase your lab equipment from MedSystems or from other manufacturer, here are some of the benefits that we can offer you:

Professional installation of all lab and medical equipment to ensure safe and smooth functioningPreventive Maintenance (PM) service and service contractsPrompt response to service/ support calls and reliable serviceOngoing personal support services
Equipment End-Users Training with a customized standard operating procedure (SOP)Customized Annual Service Contracts that is based on individual needsDepot and in-house service contracts availableTime and material service visits, if equipment is not under our service contract.

Medsystems has competency in servicing the following instruments

AutoclavesChemistry AnalyzersHistologyRefrigerators / Freezers
Biological Fumes & Safety CabinetsCentrifugesCoagulation AnalyzersIncubators and Ovens
Blood Gas AnalyzersHematology/ CBC AnalyzersMolecular & Microbiology AnalyzersWater Distillers

We service these manufacturers instruments

We distribute an array of Abbott clinical equipment including selected reagents, controls, calibrations and realated consumable. That include stock piles of spare parts

Biotecnica Instruments specializes in Biochemistry analysis equipment. The BT Series are among the world’s quality, high performance and robust analyzers blood chemistry analyzers including full-time electrolytes and toxicology analysis. related Reagents, cnsumables, spare parts available.

Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme is the world’s largest external quality assessment (EQA) scheme. Currently offering 33 programmes, RIQAS has more than 50,000 laboratory participants in over 139 countries.


BioMerieux Diagnostics has a proven track record in providing the world’s state-of-the-art R&D in Micro/ Molecular biology and immunology assays. Reagents, consumables including spare parts always available.


Nova Biomedical is the world technology leader in the development of fast, whole blood analyzers to support the care of hospitalized and critically ill patients. Nova Biomedical specializes is blood gas for emergency, surgical, critical, or respiratory care areas including point-of-care testing


Awareness Technology designs and manufactures cost-effective Elisa Assays laboratory instruments including chemistry analyzers, microplate- readers, microplate washers, and related laboratory equipment.