We specialize in selecting the most reliable equipment for your application from our industry-leading manufacturer partners. We exclusively represent the highest quality brands to ensure client satisfaction.

Our focus is to treat each client with highly important including reducing cost by providing quality service and equipment support.

Our High-end products line and Services includes:

  • Biochemistry Semi-Automated & Full Automated Analyzers
  • Full Automated Blood Hematology Analyzers
  • Semi and Full Automated Immunoassay & Microbiology Analyzers
  • Automated Blood Gas & Coagulation Analyzers
  • Point of Care (POC) Equipment(s)
  • Equipment Maintenance & Service Contracts
  • Reagents (Manual & Automated)
  • Rapid Diagnostic Kit (RDT)
  • Hospital and Laboratory Consumables
  • Laboratory External Quality Control Assurance (EQA)

MedSystems cost benefit includes the following:

  • A thorough 8-step service and maintenance process all laboratory instrument
  • A competitive three months to one-year warranty for most products
  • Additional services such as custom configuration, installation, familiarization services and training
  • After-sales service program.