MedSystems Service Engineers and Application Specialists receive significant training in the functionality and proper use of the products that we sell so that we can train our end-users.

MedSystems firmly believes in the Train-the-Trainer approach and includes it in all of our training projects

A Train-the-Trainer approach is used to leverage the core team’s knowledge and to broaden the number of employees who are well-versed in the systems, processes, roles and responsibilities. We believe in Train-the-Trainer because it builds sustainability by increasing the number of employees who know the systems, processes, roles and responsibilities well enough to teach the material and “own” the solution.

MedSystems teaches your Lead Lab staff on how to train

MedSystems Equipment Application Specialist Train-the-Trainer approach includes teaching your laboratory manager/ supervisor trainers how to train and, delivering the specific end-user SOP and materials. A critical success factor for our Application trainers are knowledgeable and comfortable with ALL the systems we provide.

To teach the Trainers how to train others, we hold specific sessions with them. The typical agenda for these training sessions include covering materials so that the trainers learn about:

*Introductions of units and components
*Equipment Application and Operations
*Understanding Manufacturer required daily maintenance and standardization procedures
*Following ALL Equipment(s) Standard Operation Procedure (SOP).
*Training Logistics Checklists (materials that guide the Lead-Trainee to perform all the steps necessary to conduct successful training)
*Preparing for Training
*Understanding Trainees Audience
*Preparing for Training
*Delivering the Training

At the completion of the Train-the-Trainer sessions, Trainers practice the tips and techniques learned by delivering the end user training materials in a practice setting. During these practice sessions, MedSystems will provide an overview and modular training presentation at the end of Trainers session.

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