BT 3500

Automatic analyzer random access for clinical-chemistry and immunoturbidimetry computer controlled.



Automatic analyzer random access for clinical-chemistry and immunoturbidimetry computer controlled. Automatic – upon programmation – pathological results repetition with or without automatic dilution. Automatic – upon programmation – pathological results in the panic range repetition. Urgent tests in actual time (STATs).

Sophisticated software for the system control. Software running under Windows 2000 Professional®. 40 on line tests mono or double reagent, refrigerated. 78 positions sample tray, programmable for samples, standards, controls and STATS.

Analyzer throughput: 360 test/h without ISE module. ISE module: 240 test/h. Two bar code readers for the positive identification of samples and reagents. Easy maintenance. No consumables.

Automatic washing of the reading cuvettes. Automatic – upon programmation – calibration of the I.S.E. module. Relation tests. Real pre-dilution up to 1:500. Clot Sensor: For Samples and Reagents.

Log file for data and performed operations.Vocal and on screen error messages.Touch screen monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse.


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TypeStand Alone, Multiparametric System
Analysis TypeClinical Chemistry, Turbidimetric, ISE
ThroughputUp to 360 Chem. Tests/hr + up to 240 ISE Tests/hr
ISE ModuleNa, K, Cl, CO² (indirect potentiometry)
Reagent Tray PositionsUp to 80 (40 large bottles + 40 small bottles)
Reagent Tray RefrigerationFrom 8°C to 15°C (programmable)
Sample Tray Positions78 (62 Samples + 16 Standard and Controls)
Sample tubesPrimary tubes and sample cups
Reaction volume180 up to 400 µl
Sample volume1.8 µl up to 100 µl
Reading cuvettes45 non-disposable optical glass
Sampling Arm2 for Serum and Reagents
Number of position78 Total – 52 Samples – 26 Standards and Control
Test ModesRandom Access, Batch, STAT
Test DirectoryUp to 500
Temperature controlPeltier System OFF/30/32/37°C (±0,2°C)
Vacuum PumpExternal
PhotometerSolid state 10 channel + Reference channel
Photometer Accuracy± 1% (0-2 O.D.), + 2,5% (2-3 O.D.)
Photometer Sensitivity± 0,001 Abs
Diluter1 – Long life ceramic 340 µl
Diluter Accuracy± 0,1% f.s.
Diluter Sensitivity± 0.1 µl
Clot SensorFor Sample and Reagents
Bar CodeFor Sample and Reagent
Remote DiagnosticsVia Modem (optional)
ComputerCPU Pentium M® 1.6Ghz or more,
Monitor color LCD 12″,
DVD Rom, HD=>80 Gb
Touch-screenYes: Glass Protected resistive kind
KeyboardStandard IBM® Compatible – wireless
MouseStandard – wireless
SoftwareWindows 2000® PRO
Process electronicµP. 1²CBUS Protocol
InterfaceRS232, Bidirectional + USB + LAN + VGA
Built in QC ProgramYes: 3 Levels known, 3 Levels unknown
MaintenanceAutomatic Program
Internal Patients ArchiveUp to 6 months of patient data
Power SupplyUniversal Input 90/240V, 50-60Hz, 590W PFC
DimensionHeight 27″ – Width 40″ – Depth 23″
Weight135 Kg – 298 lb
Windows 2000®, Intel Pentium® and Cubitainer® are registered of Microsoft Corporation, Intel and Emergency Resources.
IBM is registered trademark of the International Business Machine.
Features may change without notice
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